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Date: June 29, 2012
Label: Universal Music
CD: 533 793-7


CD 1

CD 2

CD 3

  1. Sure as I'm sittin' here
  2. Hangin' around the observatory
  3. I'm tired of your stuff
  4. Radio girl
  5. Sharon's got a drugstore
  6. Pink bedroom
  7. It hasn't happened yet
  8. I look for love
  9. Something happens
10. Riding with the king
11. Girl on a string
12. She loves the jerk
13. The love that harms
14. Lovers will
15. Say it with flowers
16. The usual
17. She said the same things to me
18. Living a little, laughing a little
19. Memphis in the meantime
20. Thing called love
21. Lipstick sunset
22. Learning how to love you
  1. Have a little faith in me
  2. Thank you girl
  3. Tip of my tongue
  4. Georgia Rae
  5. Tennessee plates
  6. Slow turning
  7. Drive south
  8. Already loved
  9. One step over the line *
10. Stolen moments
11. Child of the wild
12. Real fine love
13. Bring back your love to me
14. Just enough Ashland City
15. Don't go away mad **
16. Buffalo river home
17. Perfectly good guitar
18. Crosss my fingers
  1. Something wild
  2. They all leave town
  3. Little goodnight
  4. Perfectly good guitar (acoustic version)
  5. True believer
  6. Too live to leave
  7. Dust down a country road
  8. Cry love
  9. Graduated
10. Love in flames
11. Don't know much about love
12. Icy blue heart (live)
13. Angel eyes (live)
14. Your dad did (live)
15. Georgia Rae (acoustic / 2 Meter Sessies)
16. What do we do now (acoustic / 2 Meter Sessies)
17. Have a little faith in me (acoustic / 2 Meter Sessies)


EU-only three CD collection from the acclaimed singer/songwriter. This set features tracks from his early days as an unknown singer/songwriter up through his critically successful days in the '80s and '90s and beyond.

* Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
** Little Village


John Hiatt is one of those singer and songwriter types whose songs have worked best, at least commercially, in the hands of others (Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Iggy Pop, Three Dog Night, the Neville Brothers, and many more have covered Hiatt songs and gone places with them), but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a voice. He does, and while he sings fine enough, his real voice is in the songs themselves, which are frequently brilliant. He may not be riding the charts with any of his own versions, but he's built a steady body of work over some 20 studio albums. This three-disc set features tracks from throughout that career, beginning with early material, then running through the 1980s and 1990s, and out into the new century. A good songwriter knows that a good song will have a life of its own -- Hiatt has written an awful lot of those. This set offers 57 of them.



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