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Authorized Bootleg: Live At the Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA

Date: December 7, 2010
Label: A&M Records
iTunes: id406208470


1. Memphis in the Meantime 6:47 Listen
2. Alone in the drak 4:48 Listen
3. Thank You Girl 4:53 Listen
4. Tip of My Tongue 6:05 Listen
5. Your dad did 5:29 Listen
6. Learning how to love you / Band Intro 4:37 Listen
7. Thing called love 4:34 Listen
8. Have a Little Faith in Me 4:44 Listen
  Total running time: 41:59  


John Hiatt: guitars, vocals
Sonny Landreth: lead guitar
David Ranson: bass
Ken Blevins: drums



Live At the Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA


August 26 1987


Only digital available




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