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November 22, 2001

  • More European tour dates!!!!

October 30,  2001

  • Updated European tour dates:
    January 13: Stockholm
    January 14: Copenhagen
    January 15: Oslo
    January 16: Aarhus
    January 20: Groningen
    January 21: Tilburg
    January 22: Antwerpen
    January 23: Vredenburg
    January 24: Luxembourg

October 25,  2001

  • New tour dates for Europe

October 22,  2001

  • European tour dates are all cancelled. 
    Expecting new dates for january 2002.

  • From the official website:
    As many of you know, John Hiatt was hospitalized in San Francisco Wednesday night (Oct. 17) with severe abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with "appendicitis" and emergency surgery was performed to remove his appendix on Thursday (Oct 18). John will recover fully however, doctors in San Francisco have indicated, at this time, he won't be released from hospital until early next week.
    Due to this, it has been decided to cancel the upcoming JOHN HIATT & THE GONERS "The Tiki Bar Is Open" European Tour 2001, (Oct 25 - Nov 8). Every attempt will be made to re-schedule all European dates, as well as those US dates which were affected.

  • From the John Hiatt management:
    "I regret to have to inform you that John Hiatt has been forced to postpone his forthcoming tour of Europe. He was taken in to hospital on October 17th and the doctors had to perform an emergency operation to remove his appendix. He will make a full recovery and is expected to be released from hospital on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Unfortunately he will not be fit enough to fly or perform for several weeks and so the planned European tour dates have to be moved. Everyone is really disappointed about this, particularly as I think John was maybe one of the last remaining Americans prepared to get on an airplane!
    I look forward to hearing back from you very soon so that we can book new dates for the tour. Apologies for the inconvenience that this will cause but of course it was an entirely unforseeable event."

October 5,  2001

  • All tour dates confirmed
    October 26: Amsterdam
    October 28: Stockholm
    October 29: Oslo
    October 30: Copenhagen
    October 31: Aarhus
    November 2: Tilburg
    November 4: London
    November 5: Groningen
    November 6: Luxembourg
    November 7: Antwerpen

September 6, 2001

  • John Hiatt will be touring in Europe during november 2001

July 17, 2001

  • Great news:
    August 6; The new John Hiatt and the Goners single is coming out.

    August 7; A new "Best of" is coming out, called "Anthology".
    Click here for more information.

    September 11; The Hiatt and the Goners cd is coming out.

June 28,  2001

  • The results of the "POLL" on SOR.
    A lot of information to find on the internet about Mr. Hiatt. But do you
    miss anything? Is there anything you want to know? Is there anything you
    would like to see on-line? For example: Lyrics, guitar chords, complete
    discography, photo's, buy on-line, biography, links. 
    Why those questions? Well, i try to make an complete Archive
    from my website for us all.


    - More lyrics, 5 votes, 10.87% 
    - More guitar chords, 6 votes, 13.04% 
    - More about Mr. Hiatt's life over the past, 8 votes, 17.39% 
    - Can't find a complete list of "discography" list, 1 votes, 2.17% 
    - Pictures of concerts, 5 votes, 10.87% 
    - The possibility to buy "Hiatt Stuff" on-line, 10 votes, 21.74% 
    - Missing some links to internet site's, 1 votes, 2.17% 
    - The Latest news, 6 votes, 13.04% 
    - More information about band members, 3 votes, 6.52% 
    - Missing other things and will e-mail them, 1 votes, 2.17% 

June 4, 2001

  • It's quiet around Hiatt :-(
    But he deserve a long holiday for all the touring he does.
    Hopefully he finish the new album soon.

March 5, 2001

  • No news about the european tour. Still 2 weeks to go.



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