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december 25, 2003

  • added a few more photo's (bad quality) to the band section. If anyone have better photo's, please please let me know!!

december 6, 2003

  • added the live cd, recorded at fathers day 2003 by KFOG, to the discography under promo cd's

december 5, 2003

  • some great photos from the amsterdam concert on november 14 can be found here

november 25, 2003

  • uploaded pictures from the sweden concert on november 23. See "pictures".

november 23, 2003

  • last tour with the goners?

when talking to john and the goners after one of the European Concerts I got the Impression That The Euopean Tour November 2003 is the last tour Of john hiatt With the goners. it was 1988 when they got together for the first time to record the album slow turning. that was one of the best albums In the Long career Of mr. hiatt. It took till 2001 to get together again To Record the album the tiki bar is open (before that they had toured together in the USA). Also this album was a great success. so in less then two years They recorded another album: beneath this gruff exterior. But from what I heard I can only conclude that this might be the last Album they made together. more goners can be found on sonny landreth's albums

  • information about a new album

During the same conversation john told me He is Working on a solo album which will be ready for Release in the summer of 2004. a solo album with new songs like "cold river" (title song?) and "back on the corner". Both These songs he played solo acoustically during the european tour in november 2003. but there also will be at least one older song on it: "train to birmingham". we don't have an official confirmation yet, but as soon as there is more information available, we will let you know!


november 21, 2003

  • a lot of new photos uploaded and can be found under "pictures".

november 12, 2003

  • uploaded some bad quality photos from the antwerp show on november 11. shot by myself :-)

  • uploaded some black and white photos from the University Of Hartford, Hartford, CT show on may 31, 2003.

november 8, 2003

  • added a few fan photos to the "picture" content.

  • a full version of the video clip "slow turning" can be found here

  • a full version of the video clip "cry love" can be found here

november 5, 2003

  • today we added a few more tourdates for 2004

November 1, 2003

  • Heartworn Highways DVD moved to "collectors"

  • millenium collection cd moved to "discography"

  • find the "my baby blue" video under "downloads"

september 30, 2003

  • on November 12, 13 and 14 there is a john hiatt fan meeting before the concerts in the netherlands.

august 25, 2003

  • added more european tourdates (norway)


august 19, 2003

  • added more european tourdates (sweden)

november 08 the helix, dublin Ireland

november 10

Hammersmith Apollo, London UK
november 11 elisabethzaal, antwerpen Belgium
november 12 Oosterpoort, Groningen Netherlands
november 13 013, Tilburg Netherlands
november 14 Carre, Amsterdam Netherlands
november 16 avo session, basel switzerland
november 17

prime club, köln

november 18 train, aarhus denmark
november 19 Rytmeposten, odense denmark
november 21 kB: Kulturbolaget, Malmö sweden
november 22 amager bio, copenhagen Denmark
november 23 restaurang Trädgår'n, Göteborg sweden
november 24 Nalen stora salen, Stockholm sweden


august 17, 2003

  • added a few more photos shoot by fans (click on pictures)

August 14, 2003

  • Visit "collectors", browse around a find out about baseball caps and t-Shirts.


july 27, 2003

  • more european tourdates added:

november 08
november 10
november 11
november 12
november 13
november 14
november 17
november 22
the helix dublin
elisabethzaal antwerpen
Oosterpoort Groningen
013 Tilburg
Carre Amsterdam
prime club köln
amager bio copenhagen


july 22, 2003

  • john hiatt and the goners on tour in europe(All dates confirmed)

  • november 12 : Oosterpoort Groningen (Netherlands)

  • november 13 : 013 Tilburg (Netherlands)

  • Tickets go for sale on July 26

july 9, 2003

  • added few fan photo's from june 24 show. see here

july 4, 2003

  • watch a QuickTime Video from "My baby blue" right here

May 21, 2003

  • added more tourdates

  • added few more links

  • lyrics from the new album "Beneath this gruff exterior" now available

  • thank you all for those e-mails you've send to use to congratulate john hiatt for being 30 years in business.

may 11, 2003

  • competition to win the new john hiatt compilation cd ended and there is a winner. click here for details.

  • you still can make a john hiatt jig saw here, but no prices anymore. click here to go to our jig saw page.

May 10, 2003

  • Added more tour information.

may 6, 2003

  • updated our website today with a lot of new stuff! 

  • First read things below and then you HAVE to see the new biography !!!!!

  • the new cd is out! "beneath this gruff exterior" can be found here with all the information you need. lyrics will follow as soon as possible.

  • also uploaded all the information from the newest compilation "It'll come to you" right here.

  • a new screensaver can be found at downloads.

  • on downloads there are also 1 new song (Bull frogs) and 1 very old song (Boulevard ain't so bad). both can be listen to for 30 seconds.

  • ofcourse we have a lot of new bootlegs (more then 30) and now we have added some VCD's to our collection. go here to see what's new.

  • guitar players should visit our chords section. 24 songs added!!

  • on listed we have added some lyrics.

  • on tour is renewed. more old tour dates added and a few new dates.

  • some new pictures added.

  • on collectors you can find some new stuff.

  • added new links.

  • few new promo cd's and promo cd singles added on discography.

  • By the way; our own discussion forum is gone. it has been hacked down and all data get lost. so we will not start a new forum by now. to meet other fans you should visit the official forum here.

  • just a few more days to go before our contest will end. till may 10 you can win a copy of the newest john hiatt compilation "It'll come to you", a press sheet from the compilation cd and 3 beautiful photo's from john hiatt signed by myself if you like :-) it's easy to win a copy. complete a jig saw in the fastest time as possible. hurry hurry click here.

March 2003

  • 2 new albums out due May 2003!!!

February 27, 2003

  • We have something new to enjoy you!! You can choose now from 33 puzzles.
    Click HERE and see for yourself.

February 25, 2003

  • Sad News about bassist from the John Hiatt Tourband 1986 and White Limbo:
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rock musician Howie Epstein, bassist for Tom
    Petty (news) & the Heartbreakers for 20 years until ousted from the band
    last May, has died in a New Mexico hospital, Billboard magazine's Web
    site reported on Tuesday.

    Epstein, who was 47, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    with the veteran rock band in 2001. He had battled legal and drug
    problems in recent years.

    Although the cause of the musician's death on Sunday night was not
    immediately known, a female companion who took Epstein to a Santa Fe
    hospital told authorities he had been using heroin and also had been
    taking prescription antibiotics for an illness, according to

    "We are deeply saddened at the news of Howie's passing," the online
    report quoted Petty & the Heartbreakers as saying in a statement. "It's
    difficult to put into words how much we loved him and will miss him. The
    world has lost a great talent and a kind ... soul. We can only take
    solace in knowing he is now at peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with
    his family and his many friends."

    The veteran rock band fired Epstein in May of last year, citing his
    "ongoing personal problems," and he was replaced on tour by Ron Blair,
    the original band member Epstein subbed for in 1982.

    Epstein and his then-girlfriend, Carlene Carter, daughter of country
    music icon June Carter Cash (news), were arrested in New Mexico in 2001
    while driving a vehicle that was reportedly stolen. Inside, state
    troopers found three grams of black tar heroin and drug paraphernalia.
    Carter was charged with heroin possession, and both with receiving or
    transferring a stolen vehicle, but the cases ultimately were dismissed.

    Epstein, a Milwaukee native who previously played with John Hiatt (news)
    and Del Shannon, joined the Heartbreakers in 1982. In addition to
    playing bass, he sang harmony.

    In an interview with Reuters last fall, Petty said no one had heard from
    Epstein in many months.

February 12, 2003

  • LOS ANGELES, CA - Cameron Strang, president of New West Records, has announced the signing of acclaimed singer/songwriter John Hiatt and a May 6 release date for his label debut, Beneath This Gruff Exterior.
    Recorded live in the studio, Beneath This Gruff Exterior is the first of his 18 albums to be credited to the alliance known as "John Hiatt and the Goners," which refers to his long-time band consisting of guitarist Sonny Landreth, bassist Dave Ranson and drummer Kenneth Blevins. Hiatt and the Goners reunited for the first time in almost ten years for the recording of his last album, The Tiki Bar is Open, released in 2001. The new disc was co-produced by Don Smith, who worked with Hiatt on his 1995 album, Walk On, (and has engineered albums for such artists as the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty), John Hiatt and the Goners.
    Beneath This Gruff Exterior is Hiatt's most rocking album to date, and features some amazing musical interplay among the band members, a by- product of the energy level achieved by the live-in-the-studio set up. "We really just wanted to go in and get to the nuts and bolts of what this quartet does - if you come hear us live, this is pretty much what you get," said Hiatt about the sessions. It also spotlights another dozen Hiatt song gems, including "The Most Unoriginal Sin," a song that John wrote several years ago but never recorded until now. Willie Nelson did record the tune for his Across the Border album in 1993.
    Thanks "Indy"

January, 2003

  • john hiatt left vanguard records or does vanguard records left john hiatt? anyway; the new hiatt record label is new west records.

    on September 26, 2000 vanguard records came out with an acoustic album from hiatt called "Crossing muddy waters". again a success album for john hiatt (guitar) together with Davey Faragher (Bass) and David immerglück (Mandolin) after 3 years of silences. September 2001 the album "The tiki bar is open" came out. a reunion with "The goners".

    hiatt never stays to long on a record company. started in 1973 with Epic, MCA and Geffen, finally he found a label "A&M" that released 5 albums. that was in 1987 (Bring the family). in 1995 he switched to capitol records for another 3 albums. when hiatt finally got into vanguard he says: "This is actually the first record that I own. I've never had that in 16 albums. It's our first blush of free agency, and we like it. The coolest thing is we can put this record anywhere. It's nice to have options. Since everything is so up in the air, it's a wonderful time to be a free agent."



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