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November 23, 2004

  • There are some great deals in the John Hiatt online store right now. Most t-shirts are on sale, including some at 50% off regular price. They also got some Hatch show prints for only $5, and a holiday bundle with a poster and a shirt together for one low price.
    Plus, with an order of $30 or more, you can select to have a 1-year subscription to Rolling Stone, a value of $12.97, included as a benefit of ordering from the store. >>>

november 21, 2004

  • few new downloads can be found under "downloads mp3".
  • Bad news... last year we had contact with the producer of the documentary "profession musician" 1987. we made plans for a release on DVD, and i found a record company that is interested. We had good hope to finish this project next year so there would be the first official DVD from John Hiatt. unfortunally the john hiatt management respectfully deny our request to use his name and likeness in our DVD project.

november 16, 2004

  • tourdates 2005 updated!!!!!

November 9, 2004

  • Visit http://www.joeely.com/  and go to tourdates........ April 23.......  European tour with Clark/Lovett and...... Hiatt?????

october 7, 2004

  • see downloads!!!

October 3, 2004

  • Finally the forum is back!!!! Click on forum on the left

august 27, 2004

  • we had a long vacation but finally.... new downloads are up for september already!

august 25, 2004

  • added a few new tourdates for 2005. check out on tour

august 24, 2004

  • john hiatt performance on mixed bag radio(july 6, 2003). click here to see  him (together with Sonny Landreth) playing "how bad's the coffee"

august 21, 2004

  • John Hiatt performs FREE at the 14th Annual Riverfront Front Blues Festival in Fort Smith, Arkansas on Friday evening, August 27. Also performing that evening will be The Cate Brothers, Michael Burks and David Jacobs-Strain. Bobby "Blue" Bland and Bettye LaVette (among others) on Saturday. Visit http://www.riverfrontbluesfest.org for more information.

August 14, 2004

  • uploaded a few new photo's made from/by fans on a meet and greet with John Hiatt. visit pictures

August 2, 2004

  • august 20th it is Mr. Hiatt's birthday. we like to give him a present together with you and a lot of other fans. you can read about it on our forum or go here

july 25, 2004

  • only a few new songs uploaded this time on downloads. go there and find out the possible new tracklist for the new solo album that will come out later this year or early next year >>>

june 22, 2004

  • chords are up for "missing pieces". visit chords!

june 20, 2004

  • we're going back to 1993. Perfectly good guitar!! visit downloads and hear some out-takes from that album and watch a video clip about the making of....

june 14, 2004

  • Here at The Archives we are temporary busy with other things, so there is a delay on the downloads for june. In the meantime i want you to see the next thing. It's a "non hiatt" thing. Just download it and have fun with watching and listening to it. It is a cartoon from rodney carrington "dear penis". Download the .exe file and open it. Don't be afraid, it is not a virus (i would not run it on my server). >>>

june 5, 2004

  • guitar chords for "my baby blue" on the chords section!! (thanks again Mungen)

june 4, 2004

  • guitar chords are up now for "circle back". (Thanks Mungen!) go to chords
  • downloads for june will be up soon. check back later!

may 30, 2004

may 17, 2004

  • john hiatt on T.V.  you can see the complete appearance here on the archives. go to downloads

  • a few new fan photo's are up on pictures

may 16, 2004:

  • visit the john hiatt store to order a brand new t-Shirt, hat or poster  >>>

may 15, 2004:

may 11, 2004:

  • new downloads are up. go to downloads

april 8, 2004:

  • some new stuff (DVD's) on the bootlegs > multimedia section

april 3, 2004:

  • a few new mP3's  and a video preview from slug line under "downloads"

  • some bootlegs added (webmaster > my bootlegs)

march 5, 2004:

  • new downloads added

  • possible tracklist for new album?? >>>

february 24, 2004:

  • added 10 new free downloads

  • all of a sudden. release by lemon records. >>>

  • last tour with the goners >>>

january 27, 2004:

  • concert and promo Posters can be found now under "collectors"

january 22, 2004:

  • bootlegs can now be found under "webmaster".

  • 40 new live recordings (bootlegs?) in my collection.

  • guitar chords for "one for the one" uploaded. thanks Mungen!



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