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december 14, 2005

  • chords for "cold river" are up now! visit "downloads > chords" (thanks Danny!)

november 10, 2005

  • in the early 90's there was a john hiatt fanclub named "in the john". 15 years later here on the archives we like you to take a look in to the fanclub magazine. today we present you volume 2 (November 1990). surf to " collectors > in the john " or simply click here.

October 29, 2005



may we advice you to listen to Ernie Payne! in my opinion it's a style between Ry Cooder and Hiatt's "crossing muddy waters" and i think you really have to check him out. more information about ernie payne can be found here: http://www.crossroads.nl or listen here.


October 21, 2005

  • more photo's of this European tour can be found under downloads > pictures > fans.

  • After a short European John Hiatt tour we can expect a tour from a few other great artist in November. What about Peter Case, John Doe and Michael Weston King? More details here.

october 16, 2005

  • some new photo's are up now on this website from a belgium hiatt fan. Thanks C!! visit downloads > pictures > fans.


october 8, 2005

  • visit chords for 2 "new" songs.

  • added some old tourdates from 1997, 1998 and 1999.

october 7, 2005

  • out now: DVD Full house. details here >> order here >>

  • out now: CD chronicles. details here >> order here >>

  • coming november 1: CD/DVD Live from Austin, TX. details here >> order here >>

september 18, 2005

  • visit "downloads > mp3" to listen the rarest songs.

  • visit "downloads > other" for some funny ringtones.

September 17, 2005

  • The old archives is gone for good. It's the new version that has to do it on his own now. A few parts are still not re-newed (like bootlegs and pictures) and they will show up as the old version.

September 8, 2005

  • 2 DVD releases:

  1. Live from Austin Texas. Release date November 1. More info here.

  2. Full House. Release date September 23. More info here.

August 28, 2005

  • european tourdates are changed, Look here.

August 19, 2005

  •  Congratulations John!!!!


(This Hiatt mention was in the weekly roundup of celebrity birthdays in the San Diego Union-Tribune)


august 8, 2005

  • A lot of new tourdates available including a European tour!!! Look here.

August 7, 2005

  • First european tourdate: october 18, KB Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark. More info here. (thanks Laus)

august 5, 2005

  • guitar chords can be find now under "downloads > chords".

July 30

  • A John Hiatt fan made photo's on the concert in Vancouver, July 11. Visit "downloads > Pictures > Fans".

July 29

  • possible European tour in October. Information found on this Dutch website (thanks Erik).

July 26, 2005

  • Shirts, Posters and songbooks can be seen under "collectors".

july 17, 2005

  • another part of the website is done! Just finished the regular discography including the "vinyl single" section.

july 16, 2005

july 13, 2005

  • check out tourdates!!!

July 7, 2005

  • read this interesting article.... here  (thanks ron).


july 3, 2005

  • John Hiatt visit the NPR studio on June 28. Listen now to 4 recordings from that day. Click here.

  • in the early 90's there was a john hiatt fanclub named "in the john". 15 years later here on the archives we like you to take a look in to the fanclub magazine. today we present you volume 1 (may 1990). surf to " collectors > in the john " or simply click here.

june 28, 2005

  • click on "downloads" and surf to "pictures > fans".

June 21, 2005

  • Here we are with a new lay-out of the Hiatt Archives. Just browse around a bit and found out the new stuff that's here.

  • till now we've done a lot of work on the discography (much more information on the albums). In the future we will upload much more new stuff, so keep visiting the john hiatt archives.

  • the old archives is still available here.

  • be sure you're not using the browser "opera", cause possible you can not see the navigationbar.

what can you expecting in the future:

  • much more photo's.
  • much more articles from the internet.
  • much more facts on the biography (and if you like to contribute... please contact us)
  • much more about an old john hiatt fanclub "in the john".
  • less more "under construction" pages :-)


May 13, 2005

  • Check out tourdates!
  • Pre-order the next John Hiatt album on amazon.com, get access to a stream of the album. Click here to order.


street date: june 21, 2005

1 Master Of Disaster 5:26
2 Howlin' Down The Cumberland 3:45
3 Thunderbird 4:04
4 Wintertime Blues 4:19
5 When My Love Crosses Over 4:21
6 Love's Not Where We Thought We Left It 5:17
7 Ain't Ever Goin' Back 5:40
8 Cold River 5:34
9 Find You At Last 4:48
10 Old School 3:18
11 Back On The Corner 3:52
Again a great New West Records Album
All songs written by John Hiatt
Produced by Jim Dickinson
John Hiatt - vocals, guitar
Luther Dickinson - guitar (north mississippi allstars)
Cody Dickinson - drums (north mississippi allstars)
David Hood - bass

CD is being released as a Hybrid Super Audio CD. This CD plays on all CD players, including CD players with SAC/5.1 Surround Sound.

Digipak NW6076

april 22, 2005

  • Check out tourdates!

march 11, 2005

  • new John Hiatt album 'Master of Disaster'out on June 21!! Ofcourse on New West Records Label!

February 25, 2005

  • finally after several years of searching i found what i'm looking for! the very first 45 record of john hiatt. "We make spirit / the boulevard ain't so bad". released in 1973 and never released on a official album. i'm proud!!

February 8, 2005

  • Be sure to check out our tourdates!!

  • Are you a John Hiatt music lover? Let's do a little test here

  • Check out Vanguard Records website and found out about 2 other artist on that label. Coming soon on vanguard records: Deana carter "the story of my life" and also Shurman "Jubilee". 2 great albums that i heard and you also have to hear!!

February 5, 2005

  • John Hiatt Records New Album at Ardent Studios      ProSoundNews   Ardent Studios

    Memphis, TN (February 2, 2005)--John Hiatt has recorded his new album at Memphis' renowned Ardent Studios, in what is described as the very first sessions to use a "real world" DSD recorder. Produced by Jim Dickinson and engineered by John Hampton, the New West Records album features Luther and Cody Dickinson of The North Mississippi All-Stars on guitar and drums, with David Hood on bass.

    Gus Skinas, president and CEO of Super Audio Center LLC., developers of the Sonoma-24 Direct Stream Digital recording and editing system, was on hand to supervise the new technology. Skinas explained, "John Hiatt's session at Ardent was the very first session to use a 'real world' multitrack DSD recorder. DSD, or Direct Stream Digital, is a new and different technology for recording audio. It is a step as significant as the move from analog to digital recording in the early 80's. In stead of recording 24 bit words at a rate of 96 thousand times a second, it records a very fast 1 bit sigma-delta stream at a rate of 2.8 million bits a second. It is a signal much more analog-like in sound and appearance, but it can still be digitally copied and processed.

    "While there are some devices out there that can record multitrack DSD, the Sonoma-24 is the only one that can do this and provide the overdubbing and editing capabilities that everyone is familiar with, given the power of today's workstations," Skinas continued. "When used in a state-of-the-art analog studio such as Ardent, the final product is free of the sonic restrictions one finds with typical digital production. This will be most obvious when John Hiatt's new SACD is played on an SACD player that uses the same DSD technology to playback the recording. It will also be noticeable on CD's and MP3's. As well, because the better the master, the better the final product."

Januari 22, 2005

  • Howdy folks, haven't being around here for a long time myself because there was nothing new to tell you about John Hiatt. And still there isn't. John is still busy with touring around in the U.S.A. (visit tourdates 2005 for most recently tourdates) and probably after this tour he will continuing  working on the new album. In the meantime

  • We thought about our downloads to go on with it or quit for a while. We decided to stop with it cause we haven't receive any feedback of our visitors. If we feel the need to go on with in, we will drop a note here.

  • We also thought about a new look for this website....... We are so busy with other things, that we haven't had the time to work on it. On the other hand.... do we need a new look? I think we can change the lay-out a bit and make the navigation more easier then it is now. Any volunteers to help me?????

  • If you haven't notice yet... on the official john hiatt website there is also a discussion forum now. Some new updates on the official site too.

  • did you visit the records company website lately??? A new look and a lot of new possibility's for us all!!! go there!! http://www.newwestrecords.com

  • by the way...... have a great 2005 with a lot of joy of music (Hiatt?).



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