A history of hiatt
in his own words - one hour radio program
including four live solo acoustic songs


2008, july, new west records


1 john hiatt's early days
(including a partial performance of one of his earliest songs, as sue as i'm sitting here)
12:35 30 seconds preview
2 old days
(solo acoustic)
4:12 30 seconds preview
3 hiatt on his compositions being covered by others and his inspiration 2:52 30 seconds preview
4 love you again
(solo acoustic)
4:12 30 seconds preview
5 option for commercials and/or station ID outcue:"...after these words" :07 30 seconds preview
6 john brings the family, looks back, downloads - and talks about playing his fans favorites 4:42 30 seconds preview
7 lipstick sunset
(solo acoustic)
5:15 30 seconds preview
8 on touring with guy clark, joe ely and lyle lovett, as well as with his band and blues greats B.B. King and buddy guy - and a chat about recording his new album in his new studio 7:53 30 seconds preview
9 same old man
(solo acoustic)
and program outcue: "...thank you all so much"
4:21 30 seconds preview

Total time

10 silence 1:00  

hiatt on hiatt (soundbites)

11 his earliest musical memories
outcue:"... i remember that stuff"
:40 30 seconds preview
12 his first instrument
outcue:"... after abouth a month"
:34 30 seconds preview
13 his early songwriters days
outcue:"... here we go (laughter)"
:22 30 seconds preview
14 what makes his songs easy for others to sing?
outcue:"... sure been nice"
:19 30 seconds preview
15 do you ever censor songs?
outcue:"... and still have the impact"
:34 30 seconds preview
16 on his daughter lilly
outcue:"... just kind of there"
:25 30 seconds preview
17 on writing from a nostalgic place
outcue:"... every once in a while"
:29 30 seconds preview
18 about his new band the ageless beauties
outcue:"... the name of these guys"
1:00 30 seconds preview
19 on touring with B.B. and buddy
outcue:"... that's for certain"
1:18 30 seconds preview
20 on being sober and working where people drink
outcue:"... after a while"
:19 30 seconds preview

Total running time:



  • producer and interviewer jody denberg

  • executive producer for new west jeff cook

  • recorded may 5, 2008 by billy johnson at 107.1 KGSR radio austin

  • mastered by jerry tubb and bill johnson at terra nova digital audio

  • design by paul moore

  • photo's by jim mcGuire

  • special thanks to big jyl hershman-ross and all at KGSR, peter jesperson