Mystic Pinball


2012, September 25, new west records

NWA 3060

1 We're Alright Now 4:31 30 seconds preview
2 Bite Marks 3:36 30 seconds preview
3 It All Comes Back Someday 3:38 30 seconds preview
4 Wood Chipper 4:33 30 seconds preview
5 My Business 3:04 30 seconds preview
6 I Just Don't Know What To Say 4:37 30 seconds preview
7 I Know How To Lose You 3:47 30 seconds preview
8 You're All The Reason I Need 3:46 30 seconds preview
9 One Of Them Damn Days 2:45 30 seconds preview
10 No Wicked Grin 3:54 30 seconds preview
11 Give It Up 4:07 30 seconds preview
12 Blues Can't Even Find Me 3:32 30 seconds preview

Total running time:



John Hiatt:

acoustic and electric guitar

Doug Lancio:

acoustic and electric guitar



Kenneth Blevins:


Patrick O’Hearn:


Ron Dziubla: Sax
Arlan Schierbaum: Piano and Organ
Russ Pahl: Pedal steel guitar
Brandon Young: Backing vocals
Doug Henthorn: Harmony vocals


  • All songs written by John Hiatt.

  • Recorded at Ben's studio, Nashville, TN

  • Engineer: Leslie Richter

  • Mixed at: The Cave, Malibu, CA

  • Recorded and mixed : Kevin "Caveman"Shirley

  • Additional engineering: Pat Thrall

  • Horns wrangled by Lee Thornberg

  • Matered by: Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME

  • Hiatt Crew and Combo: Scott Knabe, Jay Wright, Brandon young, Kenneth Blevins, Doug Lancio, Pat O'Hearn

  • Special thanks to Ken and everyone at Vector Management, Mary Ann and David at Flood, Bumstead, McReady and McCarthey, Gary, Mike and Amanda at New West, Nikki and Rob at UTA and as always my wife and Family.

  • A&R Direction: Gary Briggs

  • Design: Gina R. Binkley

  • Photographer: Jack Spencer

  • Management: Vector management