inside the tiki bar


a program featuring conversation with john hiatt and songs from his new release "The tiki bar is open". includes a previously unreleased bonus track "My dog and me".


2001, september, Vanguard


1 Introduction To "Inside The Tiki Bar". 0:39 30 seconds preview
2 :03 I.D. or Commercial Option. 0:04  
3 Who are the Goners and how did they reunite for this album? what inspired "My old friend". 2:46 30 seconds preview
4 My Old Friend 3:46 30 seconds preview

Do you know when a song will connect with the audience? what was your reaction to the eric clapton and b.B. king cover of "Riding with the king", and why do so many artist sing john hiatt songs?

4:01 30 seconds preview
6 Everybody Went Low 3:18 30 seconds preview
7 How has living in Nashville affected you as an artist? are you sure you're not an old chicago bluesman in the body of a singer/Songwriter? 4:53 30 seconds preview
8 I Know a Place 3:23 30 seconds preview
9 What approach did you take to producing "The Tiki Bar Is Open"? how do you decide if a song is done in an acoustic or electric style? 3:43 30 seconds preview
10 All the Lilacs in Ohio 3:34 30 seconds preview
11 What's the role of fact and fiction when writing songs, and what's the difference between major labels and independent labels when recording albums? 6:29 30 seconds preview
12 Something Broken 3:07 30 seconds preview
13 How did you feel being on the other side of the microphone for interviews when hosting the pBS tV show "Sessions at west 54th st."? what were the experiences that lead you to writing "The tiki bar is open"? 4:36 30 seconds preview
14 The Tiki Bar is Open 4:36 30 seconds preview
15 :03 I.D. or Commercial Option. 0:04  
16 Jody Outro: The Tiki Bar Is Closed! (Ending of "Inside the tiki bar"). 0:46 30 seconds preview
17 :05 Silence before Bonus song 0:04  
18 my dog and me (Previously unreleased) 3:24 30 seconds preview

Total running time:



John Hiatt:

Guitar (Electric)

Guitar (acoustic)

12 string guitar






the goners

Ken Blevins:



Trash can

Sonny Landreth:

6 & 12 string electric and acoustic Guitar. Slide Guitar


background vocals

David Ranson:

electric Bass

upright bass



Produced: jody denberg
interviewer: jody denberg
executive producer:

art philips 

for vanguard records


jerry tubb

bill johnson

design: kimberly levitan
engineered: andy torri


thanks to
ken levitan, nineyear wooldridge, scott arbough, keeler and all at vector management.


  • All songs written by John Hiatt.

  • all songs taken from "The tiki bar is open" produced by jay joyce except for "My dog and me" recorded live at kBCO studio c, december 8, 2000.

  • Recorded july 18, 2001 by chuck turner at the rec room, nashville, tennessee. mastered at terra nova, austin, texas.