already loved


How much you resist
assists just the one sweet kiss
Baby you're crazy if you believe this
One night is not enough
It's fluff but if I may speak off the cuff
It might take a lifetime to call your bluff
It's already loved, babe
We don't have to know what to call it, no
It's already loved and it's calling on you and me
It's already loved we don't have to install it
Comes completely assembled unconditionally guaranteed
Been in love before, sure baby
I must have left it hanging by her pyjamas on the bedroom door
Or maybe holding up a bathroom window
I just can't remember anymore
If this is true that you and I could lose each other's blues
anytime we want to, 'cause it's
Before I could ever be a dreamer, baby
I had to believe that dreams could come true
And they were always there even when I was a little boy
I guess I had to grow up
to see one out in full view
and, baby, it's you
When the night comes down the town
to haunt them places all dressed up in evening gowns
With a rounch iron coattails (??)
gets thrown out with the coffee grounds
In our finery, baby you and me
can skip down the moonlit sidewalk mystery
Yelling ollie ollie in for free 'cause