Baby for life

Well you can play with my toys babe
But don't you play with my mood
I'm a half-carved (?) man-child boy
But my mama ___(?)

Now if you wanna go play undressing
Well i can dress you up as sharp as a knife
And you can strip down a block
My little peacock
Rather be your baby's wife

I'll be your baby for life (7 x)

We don't need money just get out of this place
Before some nightmare daycare aupair gets up in my face
Honey we can load up my wagon
Don't forget the bottom wise
And if you say i do
Oh baby i will too
Or even do do if you ask me twice

I'll be your baby for life (7 x)

I call you angel
You can call me buckaroo
I always wanted a nickname
Baby you can have one too
Ooh baby me and you

Yeah we could throw up a gather
Anyway we wanted to
And hold on to each other
Everything is turning to poo poo
Yeah we could be our own parents
And saving all those stress and strive
And when we're old enough
For that mid-life stuff
We won't have to rub the cradle twice

I'll be your baby for life