better get it while you can


She got a stainless steel liver - make any man quiver

The way she drink that Thunderbird wine

She got her feet up on the table and she's naked to the neighbor

Oh I wish she was a friend of mine

If that ain't enough, Lord, she plays the guitar

Just like Mississippi John Hurt

The rows start to bump the feet start to pump

My heart jumped right outta my shirt



Better get it while you can

I believe this girl is ready

Well you call yourself a man (boy)

You better be steady

Pull your socks up to your chin

Jump right in


You better get it while you can

Well that whiskey's kinda soothin'

So my feets start to movin'

And I strolls on up to say hi

But the floor is full of razors

And her eyes are just like lasers

Oooh my tongue feels like a piece of pie

So after choking on my spirit

(that's what you get for getting near it)

She start talking like a telephone

Then she raps her arms around me

Them arms they like to drown me

This girl she know about the flesh and bone




You're gonna be old and shrivelled up some day