blind faith


I know you dont know what you're doing to me

With looks like yours baby, you dont have time to think

Couldn't picture yourself looking through me

You dont see me saying prayers

You just take another drink

But I think your big green eyes could make me holy

I'm a sinner baby

and I, I could be baptized in the - of your -

I feel the power of loving (??)



It's a religion with me baby I've got blind faith

A missionary position babe I've got blind faith

blind faith blind faith


Talk is cheap babe, but I think you could sell me

'bought the farm when I heard your body speak

Burning bushes could not anymore than tell me

when you talk in that tongue babe my knees getting weak

And I don't wanna see you crying on my shoulder

Don't wanna hurt you baby

And I just wanna -- up tight

to squeeze all the little light before the night gets any older




You tell me it's blasphemy but I got faith in something

Please God au naturale it keeps my backbone jumping

Layin' on the floor with Tipper Gore but let me be explicit

Gimme this thing girl in the flesh now let's do something with it