book lovers


I heard the news from every fool in town

You got somebody new

And I never hurt so bad

The strangest fiction just came true


Crowds will gather for a twisted wreck

Well, all right stare at me

Its just another story of love

Thats turned into tragedy


What am I supposed to do

You want a toast from the man who's lost

The man who's doublecrossed

From cover to cover

Baby you and me were just book lovers


Since you turned away I turned the page on my happiness

Once upon a time you were mine, now I must confess

I cant bear to read the rest


It could have been a happy ending girl

Goodness knows, I tried

But I see so clearly now

Even through these tears Ive cried


You wanted love to be a fairly tale

With a sleeping beauty scene

Now another prince has come

And kissed you out of all your dreams