child of the wild blue yonder


She has the wind as a witness

She has feelings that fly by night

She believes in forgiveness

But it's not love if it holds too tight


And you can fly beside her

But you gotta go where your heart says go

She lets the bright lights guide her

Through the rain and the drivin' snow

Where she comes from she don't know



She's a child of the wild blue yonder

Flying out of here

She's a child of the wild blue yonder

Born in an angel's wing


If you see her falling

That's just a little trick she does

She makes a dive for the pain that's calling

Then heads for the clouds like a little dove


She can't help her laughing

She can't stop your crying days

Sometimes it hurts to be having

To hold on a love that surely must fly away




Medicine woman raised her

Spirit father praised her

Through their love she was set free

From a baby kicking and screaming

To a full blood woman dreaming

With the power just to be