doll hospital



Well, lots of little pieces make up the little girl

Such a tiny thing in this great big world

Well, now I've got to find out what's crackin' up

My little buttercup

I got to take her to the doll hospital


Well I bought her a dollhouse and a Corvette too

She's got everything's Barbie's got, I'm tellin' you

But every time I make a move just to touch her hair

She says, "Little boys should play with teddy bears"

I'm gonna take her to the doll hospital



Uh-huh, oh yeah

Baby you'll be all right

I'm gonna take you

To the doll hospital tonight

Uh-huh, oh yeah

Baby you look a fright

I'm gonna take you to the doll hospital


Well, all in love is fair

But it's the wear and tear

And words left unspoken

That leave hearts broken

But I never tore your legs off

Or threw you on the floor

Now I know baby cries a lot

But please don't cry no more


When we played doctor I must have made a mess

But I fixed her little wagon up good, I guess

She said Ken never made her heart beat so

But he lacked that certain somethin' as we all know

Now I burst her little bubble, her mind's about to go

I gotta get her to the doll hospital