Heavy Tears

One day you're happy, the next day you're blue
You feel like the whole world's coming right down on you
There ain't nothing wrong, but then there ain't nothing right
It's just the kind of thing that keeps you up all night 

Heavy tears in your eyes
Lord, don't they hurt you when you cry
Heavy tears in your eyes
And when they hit the ground
Don't they make a terrible sound 

Maybe she loves you, and maybe it's a joke
And maybe that fire was just a whole lot of smoke
You don't feel warm, but then, you don't feel cold
You're just getting weary, you're just getting old 


And your mind can't take this worry
And your heart feels underfed
Maybe you'll wake up tomorrow
Or maybe you'll just stay in bed 

Don't call the doctor and ask his advice
'Cause he's felt the same way himself, once or twice
There ain't no cure for the tear in your eye
You just got to sit there you just got to cry