i could use an angel



Who tipped you off

How could she betray me

These hungry fingers

They found us guilty for love

And she said her lips were sealed

Easing my conscience


Now what has been done

That you were the first one to know

I thought we were sleeping

Who said that dreams don't come true?

This was her dream for revenge

She had to tell you



I could use an angel

Can't refuse an angel

Got business with an angel

She was no angel


Wearing that coat

You look like an amateur spy

How come you're not angry?

She wore your heart like a charm

A bracelet of boys on her wrist

Why aren't you angry?


Here on my bed

Tears on my bed

Mixed with the dust

Of things that she said

Burning a trust

Like a salt burns the wound

Like a capsule burns up

When it enters the atmosphere

Were you consumed

From the takeoff of this doomed mission




I guess we must be brothers

We share a common traitor

We cancel each other

Hoisting her elevator


I never meant to hurt you

I'll never be converted

I want the host of angels