icy blue heart


She came onto him like a slow movin' cold front

His beer was warmer than the look in her eyes

She sat on a stool, he said, "What do you want?"

She said, "Give me a love that don't freeze up inside."


He said, "I have melted some hearts in my time dear

But to sit next to you, Lord, I shiver and shake

And if I knew love, well, I don't think I'd be here

Askin' myself if I've got what it takes."



To melt your icy blue heart

Should I start?

To turn what's been frozen for years

Into a river of tears


"These days we all play cool, calm and collected

Why, our lips could turn blue just shooting the breeze"

But under the frost, well, he thought he detected

A warm blush of red and a touch of her knee


He said, "Girl, you're a beauty like I've never witnessed

And I've seen the Northern Lights dance in the air

But I've felt the cold that can follow the first kiss

And there's not enough heat in the fires burning there."