i'm tired of your stuff


You been slippin' around a bit

You been sayin' things that just don't fit

You been handin' me the same old line

About the proper place and the proper time

You been tellin' me a bunch of lies

I bet you thot that I was hypnotized



Well, my eyes is wide open, and I can see

You been tryin' to make a fool of me

I'm gettin sick, I've had enough

I'm tired of your stuff


I know you think that you're a movie queen

Well, I'm fed up with all your Hollywood dreams

You're just an actress full of double talk

An angel's smile and a devil's walk

I know you think I can't walk out the door

But honey, I've seen this movie before




Now I'm tryin' to get some sleep, but I can't get no rest

You got my head all in a mess

I'd count the sheep, but they all leavin' town

And you're the wolf that run my dreams around

But, I'll be sleepin' for a month or two

Just as soon as I get rid of you