it'll come to you


That girl you were seein' back in '72

Somethin' 'bout a hotel room and bath water in your shoes

Were you into your Catholic thing then or some other stew

Were you both holed up in that hotel room practicing voodoo



It'll come to you

Don't look back, it'll come to you

In the middle of the night, with you covers pulled up tight

It'll come to you


And that business partner you took for every red cent

You can't even remember where all of that money went

Some on liquor and women, maybe a little rent

But as far as paying it back, Buddy, you ain't made a dent




Yes they'll all be standin' 'round you in your sleep

Askin' for a promise you couldn't keep

'Cause back when you were hollow inside

You were tryin' to puff yourself up with your own foolish pride


Now you're happily married with a wife and kids of you're own

But sometimes in the closet at night you can hear them rattlin' bones

Takin' bets on your future and your current postal zone

It's a spooky equation, but check out yourself, Jack, you're the great