little goodnight


Jimmy met Mary on the fourth of July

Independance Day, you shoulda seen her brown eyes

She came up from behind and started tugging on his coat, uh huh

When his fireworks blew she was pushing like a tugboat

Nine months later they had a little stripe

She was pretty as the sun so they named her Little Goodnight

Now Little Goodnight she couldn't sleep too well uh uh

And every night half the neighborhood could hear Jim and Mary tell her




They said go to sleep baby don't cry count sheep

your mother and I cant keep it up if we don't get some sleep

Goodnight, Little Goodnight Little Goodnight


Little Goodnight started staying up a lot

With her big baby blues wide open like a rimshot

Jim and Mary thought parenthood was supposed to be a joy uh huh

They started thinking bad thoughts started acted kinda paranoid

Well they took her the doctor they took her to the nurse

There were potions recommended just like it was some kinda curse

Jim and Mary loved Little Goodnight so much uh huh

But without those REMs, they felt like they were losing touch




You'll leave school one of these days

'have children of your own to raise

In casual or business dress

We have high hopes for you but Little Goodnight

first you need some rest

Now go to sleep!


Now there's a woman on the street

She's wrapped up in a blanket

Clutching a portable tapedeck

She's just about to crank it

She's listening to a song by Miss Diana Ross uh huh

Singing dreams can come true

Jim and Mary keep their fingers crossed