madonna road


Ohs, yeahs, and ai ya yas


Verse 1:

Oh girl, yeah, yeah, yeah

He says you almost need a bodyguard

Just to go walking down the boulevard

Little girl with their club feet

You try to be so neat but they're messy when you eat

When they gobble up the street

Those picture-perfect images

Pop another flash bulb and give a kiss

But it's a clear absurdity, what's a person supposed to say

Sorry about yesterday, guess that things are just that way



Whoa, Madonna Road

Boys with broken bones out in the night

With secret messages to frightening to decode

Whoa, Madonna Road


Verse 2:

Pump a little gas into the cylinder

All these movie lights they must be killin' her

She's been livin' on the take

Waitin for a bigger break

And I've seen you on the make

What d' you think about the earthquake?

Well I don't wanna shake it up

But move that camera quick before I break it up

You've been standin' in that pose

Now there's a wound that just been closed

From an apartment of the host

Anybody got a No-Doz








I said whoa, Madonna Road

I said whoa, Madonna Road

I said whoa, Madonna Road

Ai yi yi yis