my sweet girl


My sweet girl with you eyes so bright

Don't leave me in the dark tonight

The sun's turned down, the moon is low

And I know secrets you don't know


Do you hear the wind whispering

"You're the one I love"

The summer breeze tells the trees

I'm the one, because

You're my sweet girl


Hold me now in this sweet life

I will take you for my wife

We can walk the aisle in this city park

And I will offer you my heart


Married by a firefly

They're coming back, you know

And I'm the man who knows he can

Provide an afterglow

For you, my sweet girl

Cause you're my sweet girl


Do, do, do....


My sweet girl, do you know you are

My lovely dream, my little star

In a blanket made of earth and sky

Curled up with my sweetie pie


The love we make, it merely takes

Our breath out of the air

We kiss and then we breath again

The wind blows through your hair

It's whispering, "You're my sweet girl"

Can you hear it? It's saying, "You're my sweet girl"

You're my sweet girl


Do, do, do...