new fingerprints


I started out in an alley smoking cigarettes ----

Stealing penny candies n' rattlin' pay telephones

Stole my first car at twelve and drove it to my eighth grade class

By the time I was fourteen sister I was outta gas

I drove a hot spot in Dallas one time (?)

Could've turned me a nickel to a dime

But the punishment never fit the crime

'til last night last night



I stole some love now I need new fingerprints

I touched her everywhere doctor it's my only defence

She'll be looking for me alright

I gotta curl under the night tonight

Doctor I stole some love now I need new fingerprints


Now I never took nothing that I couldn't turn over fast

And every job I pulled I swore it would be my last

But somewhere in the back of my mind I heard that glory train

I kept thinking I was one job away from fortune and fame

When you come from where I do

It's a way to have them notice you

I never bit off more than I could chew

'til last night last night




She was all over me with a scent that lingers

Just one touch from my magic fingers

I stole all the love that she would give me

I stole her love and she was right there with me

Steal it bad (?)

I need to take me a long vacation

I need to change my name and my destination

You know I'm cuttin' through the woods she'd have me for perjury (?)

But doctor I need the miracle of modern surgery

I just wanna make my getaway

Ain't no justice in the world today

Doctor never thought I'd have to pay

'til last night last night