over in my mind


When I was a kid I travelled the rooftops of my town

Trying to raise up above a family

I look at those houses when I'm standing on the ground

Over impressed with gravity


Me and Joe H- we rode 'em tall like sailing ships

Two Magellan's heading on out to the sea

And up on those eaves, just about anything you'd believe

You could get your heart to see



I roll it over in my mind I roll it over in my mind

I roll it over in my mind

Five hundred miles and a day behind

Tomorrow that sun is gonna shine

I roll it over in my mind


We sailed Indiana just like it was the Bering Sea

Riding on those -- waves of green

And up on that roof, well you didn't need no proof

There was gonna come driving rain

So batton down the hatches yes and landlock all their hearts

Up on the rooftops we'll be free

to sail our ships out past the cornfields and -- strips(?)

carried away by the deep blue sea




What I was thinking, yeah, somewhere in my brain

Me and Joe H -- might have had it right

Just high enough to see what we did not wanna be

I think I'm gonna ride the roof tonight