overnight story



They took enough of my mind

To make a calculator

Addin' up the figures, they'll find

That love's a dumbwaiter


Waitin' for the dream to fade

Right into you hit parade

Maybe I've made that long black list

But I was born when we first kissed



Not another overnight story

No overnight success

We've hung around too long for glory

Is it too late for happiness?

Yesterday is over now

And we've come too far to bow


Here comes Swifty, they're off

To chase another headline

But all the news gets soft

Before it makes the deadline


The morning paper hits my door

But I don't read it any more

Yes I know what went on last night

You made your coffin before daylight




They're adding inches at our expense

To the measure of their capital worth

The next big thing is gonna dance and sing

Us all off of the face of this earth


They call it big time love

But I'm not nervous

'Cause all your turtledoves

Are out of service


And all those arc lights comb the sky

For any little birds that fly

You're all still jerks, and we're still here

Fast asleep at the big premiere