perfectly good guitar


Well he threw one down form the top of the stairs

Beautiful women were staning everywhere

They all got wet when he smahed that thing

But off in the dark you could hear somebody sing



Oh it breaks my heart to see those stars

Smashing a perfectly good guitar

I don't know who they think they are

Smashing a perfectly good guitar


It started back in 1963

His momma wouldn't buy him

That new red harmony

He settled fgor a sunburt with a crack

But he's stI'll trying to break his momma's back




He loved that guitar just like a girlfriend

But ever good thing comes to an end

Now he just sits in his room all day

Whistling every note he used to play


There out to be a law with no bail

Smash a guitar and you go to jail

With no chance for early parole

You don't get out tI'll you get some soul




Late at night the end of the road

He wished he stI'll had the old guitar to hold

He'd rock it like a baby in his arms

Never let it come ot any harm