smiling in the rain


The fallen angel shivers underneath the August moon

The lady of the house goes up in ashes

He crawled out through the future but the past came back too soon

And the present just occurs in sudden flashes



But in your eyes I see the pain

Help me ride this crazy train

I am lost and you are smilin' in the rain


Everybody's looking for a place to live their dreams

Main Street paints a face on lonely lovers

Strangers meet with blindfolds on and hope they're what they seem

And everybody wants to have each other




Well the giving, is the sacred thing

It's just the livin' that don't seem right

But for all the light that shines on me

Your light sets me free

Oh please stay with me tonight


The battle zone is quiet, all the appetites are gone

The soldier and his woman let the wounds heal

Knowing that tomorrow all the raging will go on

If only to remember how their love feels