stood up


I stood up for the first time

When I was just eleven months old

And ever since that day, my mama said

I never done what I was told


I never stood for nothing too much

All through my schooling years

But I stood as much as I could stand

I guess that's why I'm still standing here

Yes, and



I stood up

When love called my name, baby

I stood up

Even when that love was all in vain, baby

I got stood up once

And left out in the pouring rain, baby

But I stood up

And I'd do it again


I guess she never understood what she could do

With all her flaming red hair

But I could not stand the heat in her kitchen

So, Jack, I got out of there


I stood up to get a pack of cigarettes

Down at the corner store

New she's standing in some corner of my heart

Behind the kitchen screen door




I don't know about you

But there's a lot of things I never stood up to

Even as I turned and walked away

I guess that's why I'm standing on my own

two feet today


Now they gave last call for alcohol

And no one has to carry me home

You see I only work here now man

My drinking days are long gone


I couldn't stand up after one, no

'Til twenty had me down on the floor

Now the first one doesn't get me

Even though I'm still the last one out the door