the action


Now, there's a jumpin' little place I go

Called The Action

It's just about a mile or so

Down the street

And there's a part goin' on in there

Down a lot of funky stairs

And everything will be rare

Till the break of dawn


Now, you don't want to walk on down

To The Action

'Cause once you get in there

You're gonna want to use your feet

And when the music starts a gettin' hot

There's gonna burn up everything you got

And you ain't gonna want to stop

Till the break of dawn


They're doin' the pony

Watch 'em do the jerk

Then they get down on the floor

And they go to work

Sister's doin' the alligator

Up on the table top

Lot of Farfisa racket

Don't never stop


We're goin' down to Santa Ana

Way down to Eagle Rock

Way out in Montebello

And down in Huntington Park

Out in El Sereno

Better show 'em what you got

Out on Whittier Boulevard

The action never stops


Down at The Action

Meet you down at The Action

Don't want to end up in traction

Meet you down at the action