the negroes where danin'


Little lover sittin' in the corner with a former member of the jets

He would write a letter to the editor about the little holes in her dress

She said oh, I'm so bored

She said oh, tell me more


She popped him on the dick until he got a little bigger then she just blew


She grabbed him by the liver put his hands on her hips, said push my luck

He said Oh, I'm so scared

She said Oh, I don't care



Just then the negros were dancing

Just then backup singers backed up

Just then the beat was entrancin'

Just then the negros were dancin'


A former member lit a cigarette said I bet you never get too much

Little lover hit him on the shoulder, said you ???? I touch

He said Oh, I confess

She said Oh, I'm not impressed


They gathered up all the fingerprints and put splints on all the broken


A former member lover to discover seven more overtones

He said oh, my dear

She said oh, touch me here