The Real One 
The spark of light you take for granted 
Righteous light and disenchanted 
But you both said you'd call it livin' 
Her heart undressed that's what she's givin' 
Better hold on to your baby 
Don't let her love slip away 
She's the real one 
The real one 
Here is your big picture postcard 
There ain't no big picture look hard 
Can't you see the little pieces 
And see her smile like Mona Lisas 
The shift in your hoots 
If you fell in cahoots 
With those girls in their space suits shifting further and further away 
You'd given up hope 
When she threw you a jump rope and said 
"Look up from your microscope boy to come on out and play" 
Love is here and she's delighted 
Love is here and you're invited 
Party lights and wishing fountains 
Flying kites or moving mountains 
She's the real one 
The real one 
The real one