this secret life


I dreamed I was being kept alive

To bear the brunt of a family joke

About which no one spoke


To multiply and divide

This hideous thing, this human kind

With something else on his mind


I was going to bed

You were saying, "I do"

Then I lost my head



When I awoke

I was living this secret life

Complete with a secret dog

And a secret wife

In another zone

Address unknown

This secret life

This secret life


And I am chilled to be here

Among these ghosts so heaven-bent

With hell to pay for rent


When I am holding you near

I'm not so sure this world is real

I'm not sure how I feel


And I was going to say

"Not a whisper, dear"

Then I drifted away




Come out, come out

Wherever you are

You look so near

You seem so far

This scale's messed up

The angle's wrong

Your day will come

Meanwhile, the night is long