tip of my tongue


An empty house

Is the only thing standin'

Between our lives

And the speed of sound


Some words flew out

And made a crash landin'

No love survived

Not a trace could be found



I broke your heart

With the back of my mind

From the tip of my tongue

To the end of the line


I walked away

And you stood there tremblin'

Like a leaf

In the autumn chill


Now this house won't say, no

What I'm still rememberin'

Three angry words

And a love that they killed





You couldn't say how much it hurt you

And I couldn't see the damage I'd done

'Til I watched the greatest love I've known

All come down to a slip of the tongue


Well I'd take it back

But time won't let me

No, time just takes

You further away


I watched you pack

A house full of memories

Where did you go

Lord, what did I say?