true believer


Kickin' at the gravel in a parking lot

Runnin' cross the street to the record shop

Talkin' to my buddy 'bout some hip hop tune

Hotter than a firework and it's still June


Sun's about to burn itself right out of the sky

Guess we'll all be lucky if we don't fry

And the preacher's baptisin' at the river bend

Wash the dust off a Dixie, start all over again



It was Saturday night and I swore I'd never leave her

We had the boss man blastin' on the radio receiver

they say history plays tricks, she's a real deceiver

She gave me something from her heart back then-

She made me a true believer


I believed that every little word she said

Whispered through the sycamores in my head

Did we really drive her daddy's truck across Dry Creek

My hands shakin' at the wheel as her knees went weak


Pulled back in the woods and shut the headlights off

Jesus how'd she ever get her hair so soft

Can't see what I'm doin', don't know if I should

Can't see what I'm doin', Lord it sure feels good




I'm a true believer and I'm lookin' for a sign

That she can still hear this heart of mine

Beatin' to the rhythm of the rock and the roll

I'm a true believer that the girl's got soul


Now I'm back in Alabama by that river bend

Well that preacher's baptizin' his flock again

Well we had some hard times and a little luck

And her daddy gave us that old pick-up truck


We drove it on up to Birmingham

An bought ourselves a pair of matchin' weddin' bands

God,that was almost 21 years ago

And we still got the boss man on the radio