two hearts like ours


Y'know I never took pleasure too personally

Never took this love thing to heart

I guess I should've stood up on my own two knees

Begged her not to let it all start

But I never saw her coming she worked it just right

Ooh yeah

A long shot in the dark rang out

and the next thing I knew we were laughing in the daylight



Two hearts like ours should never be left alone together

The danger's in the meeting as two hearts like ours start to beating (?)


I used to get my kicks like a hit and run

Just a little ----

I never lived for a kiss til you planted one

Now I can't catch my breath

It's like I spent my whole life just waiting for you

Yeah you

Just when I thought I was all grown up

You got me swapping 'bout old times (?)

Like a little kid in grade school




Spray painting initials on the freeway bridges and signs

To make it official I'm hers she's mine