Up against the sky

I was looking over your shoulder
Wondering where you come from
Running away well that just gets older
Older than the burning sun

Looking for a face out in the desert
Something written in the sand
Lift up your eyes heaven is before you
You're walking to the Promised Land


Up against the big sky
Oh to spread those wings and fly
Up against the big sky
Up against the big sky


Mother and father, sister and brother
We have all let you go
A wait up your longing well it's less than a feather
Out where the four winds blow


You've known all along where do we going
life is an open hand It seems that you've know

well you know what you're knowing
We're going to the Promised Land


Never knew that you needed somebody
Never knew anybody was there
You've lifted up your heart in the darkness
Just like a prayer

Up against the big sky Up against the big sky