walk on


Someone called out to you

And it sounded just like crying

On a street where nobody

Even knows your name

Your mind was getting high on the sweet air

As your spirit was flying


Steam rising from the sidewalks

Of New Orleans after an evening rain

Steam rising from the sidewalks

After an evening rain


And it only made the heat

Feel like it was walking even closer

As you headed up St. Charles

To catch a streetcar named Desire

Young couple struggling in the doorway

Like he was trying to force her


In the distance you swore

You could hear them open fire

Tires squealing in the distance

As you heard them open fire



Walk on, walk on

Don't look back

Don't ask questions

Don't you try to understand

Walk on, walk on

Straight back down to your hotel room

Where she lies waiting for her man


You're so afraid you might be losing love

That is makes you worry

And you wonder if she's ever seen this

Kind of fear in you

And you think of that young couple

In the doorway

And it makes you hurry


You wonder what kind of fear

They might be living through

Yeah you wonder if

They saw that fear in you