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December 19, 2006

  • probably the last update for this year... so may i wish you all a merry christmas, happy holidays and hopefully we see each other on-line next year!! Thank you all for having a "little" faith in the archives!!!

  • "in the john..." fanclub magazine, December 1991 on-line now!. Surf to "collectors > in the john" or click here.

November 28, 2006



Mathew Albert & The Governors

Out now, a great new album "Big Liar". Please take time and visit there website www.thegovernors.de  to listen, buy or download this album.

Q: This album sounds great!! How do you feel about it?

A: I think the sound will be better from time to time! The first 4 songs we recorded only on a Saturday and the voices half a day on Sunday... I like it, also! it's every time different for me to say: "yes, I like it!!!" I think the most musicians are having this sickness... ;-) But a lot of people are going to like that cd!!!!

Q: What happend to "the fuzzy peaches". A new name??

A: Yes, we got a new name... thegovernors. 'cause in germany all the people said "futzi" instead of "fuzzy" !!!

Mathew Albert


November 28, 2006

  • chords for "stood up" are up for download. Go to downloads > chords

November 17, 2006

  • Out now "live at the hiatt". Limited edtion, 5000 copies..... so better hurry and go buy it right here.

    More information about the release of this 13 year old recording can be found here.

november 16, 2006

  • some beautiful photo's made by Patrick Breen. downloads > pictures > fans.

October 19, 2006

  • And another issue on-line from the "in the john..." fanclub magazine. october 1991. "collectors > in the john" or click here.

october 9, 2006

  • few months later then normal (because of vacation) we take you back 15 years ago to july 1991. 15 years ago you could read all about john's vacation in the fanclub magazine "in the john...". issue 4 is on-line now! surf to "collectors > in the john" or simply click here.

august 30, 2006

  • a few new tourdates added on our tourshedule.


august 20, 2006






august 15, 2006

  • out now on BGO records: digitally remastered 2 on 1 cd "hangin around the observatory / overcoats". listen to this album and buy it on www.bgo-records.com. more information right here.

August 8, 2006

  • some nice live shots made by a fan can be found under downloads > pictures > fans.

august 6, 2006

  • "instant karma" by John Hiatt: On september 19, 2006 the album "my name is earl" will be in store. On that album you can find the song "instant karma (john lennon) performed by john hiatt! More information about this album can be found here. Listen to the song for 30 seconds can be done by clicking on the speaker

july 11, 2006

  1. gregg laswell "through toledo"

  2. yonder mountain string band

  3. shawn mullins "9the ward pickin' parlor"

  4. linda rondstadt & ann savoy "adieu false heart"

  5. edwin mcCain "lost in america"

  6. indigenous "chasing the sun"

  7. garrison starr "the sound of you and me"

  8. carbon leaf "love loss hope repeat"

May 16, 2006

  • contest "Heartworn Highways" ended... we've got a winner.....

april 7, 2006



CD release "heartworn highways" : A companion album to the 1976 film documentary Heartworn Highwaysreleased on March 14 featuring previously unreleased recordings from Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Rodney Crowell, John Hiatt, Guy Clark and David Allan Coe, among others. Filmed in Nashville and Austin, Texas, the documentary focuses on these singer-songwriters in the earliest days of their careers........   Read more here.







Februari 26, 2006

  • Uploaded assorted photo's from all over the internet. Click "downloads > pictures > assorted".

  • Check out on the same directory for some older "fans" photo's.

Februari 25. 2006

  • it's time for another issue of the retired "in the john... fanclub". 15 years ago volume 3 came out. check it out now here.

Februari 20, 2006



Januari 19, 2006

  • Check out www.vanguardrecords.com to find out more about 2 forthcoming albums from Shawn Mullins "9th Ward Pickin' Parlor" and A Tribute to John Fahey - Various Artists "I am The Resurrection".   Believe me, it's worth listen to these!

januari 1, 2006

  • chords are up now for ain't ever goin' back. visit "downloads > chords" (thanks Danny!)


If we look back to 2005 we can say (in my opinion) it was a successful year for john hiatt. a brand new album "master of disaster" peaked at number 10 on the Top Independent Albums chart and on the album top 25 of American connection he peaked on number 6. release of the Austin Texas concert from 1993 on CD and DVD and another great DVD full house. then also the A&M label did a re-release from 3 albums named "chronicles". we were treated on some great concerts, solo or with the north Mississippi allstrars in the USA and in Europe as well.


On the archives it was a successful year too! we made a new design on our website, had a lot of new members on our forum, a lot of positive comments from record labels like new west records, vanguard records and other official authority's. We also had a lot of support from klanderman promotion, WXRT Radio, danima, pinkpop, hostingswijzer and many others. I wanne thank all of them for there great support. also a big "thank you" to Nineyear w, Bernie c, George f, Mary j, bob b, Morgana k, Emily d for all your help, and ofcourse john hiatt for the great music you made. But most of all i wanne thank all the people on the john Hiatt archives forum, you made me "going on" with the archives in good and in bad times! thanks to all my friends and family (jo, Pierre) for your time, support and interest.


thank you Astrid for believing in me!!



For latest news about John Hiatt click here.

List with upcoming shows can be found here.

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