Live at the hiatt

(October 30, 1993)


2006, november 3, Hip-O-Select, A&M

CD. B0007389-2

1 through your hands 4:16 30 seconds preview
2 child of the wild blue yonder 7:05 30 seconds preview
3 Loving A Hurricane 4:01 30 seconds preview
4 When You Hold Me Tight 7:04 30 seconds preview
5 i don't even try 4:02 30 seconds preview
6 feels like rain 5:42 30 seconds preview
7 Something Wild 7:02 30 seconds preview
8 Perfectly Good Guitar 6:19 30 seconds preview
9 Slow Turning 7:54 30 seconds preview
10 lipstick sunset 5:19 30 seconds preview

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John Hiatt:


davey faragher:



michael urbano:


michael ward:




reissue produced: Mike ragogna
liner notes: Mike ragogna
executive producer: pat lawrence
art direction:

michele horie


greg ross

john schuning for orabor

photo coordinator: ryan null

ebet roberts

chansley entertainment archives

product manager: heather whitten
editor assistance: barry korkin
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UMe special thanks to andy mckaie, beth lopez, cheryl pawelski and lee lodyga.



  • All songs written by John Hiatt.

  • originally produced by john hiatt.

  • recorded october 30, 1993 at the forum - london, england

  • promo originally issued in 1993 as A&M promo 31454 0235 2

  • mastered @ universal mastering studios, north hollywood, CA



for years, this almost hour -long disc you're holding documented what was considered one of the great john hiatt concerts. fetching a hefty price online due to bootlegging, most notably as the poor sounding, audience-recorded the complete live at the hiatt, the concert has never seen a proper release until now.

originally intended as the rare promotional CD for hiatt's 1993 album perfectly good guitar, this concert featured live versions of four songs from that album.

these ten songs were taken from hiatt's legendary concert at the forum in london, england, recorded october 30, 1993. his backup band was the guilty dogs who perfectly captured live more than just a good guitar nuances of hiatt's original recordings - they captured his performing chops at the height of his five album A&M expedition. This concert reinforces just how terrific hiatt is live. however. after listening to this cd, it could frustrate a hiatt fan, leaving you to wonder how such a terrific performer, prolific songwriter and recording artist is consistently overlooked by america's top forty. never mind. you couldn't care less, could you? and as a fan, you already know these songs were perfectly good... no, just make that perfect.

Press sheet


CD Edition limited to 5000 non-numbered limited edition copies.

This CD packaging has a non-removable sticker sealing it closed. Please do not try to peel off the sticker as it may damage the packaging. Instead, use a finger to tear or a cutting impliment for a clean split. Are you ready for the thing called live?

Previously only available as a promotional disc, 1993’s Live At The Hiatt finally sees its first commercial release. The show was recorded on Halloween eve at The Forum in London, England and has been traded between collectors ever since. You see, while the fans already knew that Hiatt was a brilliant songwriter, his work on the road with The Guilty Dogs showed everyone that the songs had bite, too.

Released as promo for Hiatt’s then current release Perfectly Good Guitar, this 10-track document contains versions of 4 originals from that album – including the hit title song. The set list also features a pair of songs each from Slow Turning and Stolen Moments, Bring The Family’s Lipstick Kisses and even a run through Riding With The King’s “I Don’t Even Try.”

1994 would bring Hiatt’s first official concert recording, but it was the previous year’s promo that truly set the mark for live Hiatt. Now that purchasing an audience recording from a bootleg shop is no longer necessary, Live At The Hiatt – part of Hip-O Select’s Performance Classic Series – is definitely essential for any John Hiatt fanatic but also for any fan of great, live music.

Hip-Ocrates says: Did you know, Guilty Dog Davey Faragher is now the bassist in Elvis Costello’s backing band, The Imposters.