1975 Epic

LP. KE 33190
  CD. CDEPC 32453

1991 Epic

CD. CDEPC 32453

2006 Beat Goes on Records

(together on 1 CD with

hangin around the observatory)

CD. BGO CD 711
1 One more time 3:35 30 seconds preview
2 Smiling in the rain 4:15 30 seconds preview
3 I'm tired of your stuff 3:30 30 seconds preview
4 Distance 3:29 30 seconds preview
5 Down home 3:07 30 seconds preview
6 Overcoats 6:51 30 seconds preview
7 I want your love inside of me 3:08 30 seconds preview
8 I killed an ant with my guitar 3:22 30 seconds preview
9 Motorboat to heaven 5:22 30 seconds preview
10 The lady of the night 3:11 30 seconds preview

Total running time:



John Hiatt:


Acoustic Guitar

12 String Guitar




Ted Reynolds:



Larry London:





Bobby Emmons: Organ
Josh Graves Dobro
Samuel Boghossian: Viola
Allan Harshman: Viola

Shana Keister:


Electric Piano

Moog Synthesizer

Fender Rhodes

Jesse Ehrlich: Cello
Gene Estes: Marimba
Irving Kane: Trombone
Norman Ray: Sax (Baritone)
George Tidwell:


Billy Puitt:



Sax (soprano)

Sax (Tenor)

Tracy Nelson: Background Vocals
Dianne Davidson: Background Vocals
Sadie: Background Vocals
Anita Baugh: Background Vocals


Produced: Glen Spreen
Arranged: John Hiatt

Mixing Engineers:

Harold Lee

Gene Eichelberger

Rick Heenan

Mix Engineers Assisted:

Bob Goodman

Dob Cobb

Remix Engineers:

Harold Lee

Gene Eichelberger

Rick Heenan

Glen Spreen


Joe Turzin

Zac Zeno

Charlie Bradley

Jerry Watson

Ed Hudson

Selby Coffeen

Freeman Ramsey

Ronnie Dean

Mastered: Mack Evans



thanks to:

harold lee, glen spreen, rick heenan, the refugees, tracy and the girls, the grease brothers, bill barnes and julie holiner for cover design, eric the magician, everyone at tree, dixie gamble for typing all this stuff, travis rivers, allen grubman, don ellis, ron alexenburg, gregg geller, stan monteiro, jim charne, mama ruth and the family, linda, a full moon

special thanks to jordy hormel



  • All songs written by John Hiatt

  • Mastered At Masterfonics, Inc, Nashville

  • Recorded At American Studios, Nashville

  • remixed at quadrafonic studios. nashville

  • "I'm tired of your stuff" and "I killed an ant with my guitar" remixed at village recorders, los angeles

  • "I want your love inside of me" remixed at American Studios, Nashville

  • "Motorboat to heaven" remixed at columbia studios, nashville

  • strings on "distance" and marimba on "I killed an ant with my guitar" recorded at village recorders, los angeles

  • album cover: bill barnes and julie holiner


press photo


session photo's



John Hiatt is better at imitating Howlin' Wolf than he is James Taylor, and that he tries both here as well as Bob Dylan and Ben E. King is some indication of his ambition, if not his accomplishment. Conversely, be began to become more himself on his second album, at least on such songs as "I'm Tired of Your Stuff" and "I Killed an Ant With My Guitar," if not on the more lugubrious numbers, such as "Distance" or on the ones that sounded like publishing demos for a more popular singer, such as "Down Home."