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Promo CD's

1991 live at the palace (A&M)
1993 in store play sampler (A&M)
  collection (japan)
1994 live at the hiatt (A&M)
1995 Walk on (capitol)
1997 Little head (EMI)
  Little head (capitol)
  Little head (EMI canada)
1998 The best of (EMI)
  The best of (capitol)
2000 Crossing Muddy Waters (sanctuary)
2001 inside the tiki bar is open (Vanguard)
  the tiki bar is open (Vanguard)
  the tiki bar is open (sanctuary)
2003 Beneath This Gruff Exterior (new west records)
  Beneath This Gruff Exterior (sanctuary)
  hangin' with hiatt on XRT (new west records)
  hangin' with hiatt on KFOG (new west records)
2005 master of disaster (new west records)
2008 same old man (new west records)
  a history of hiatt (new west records)
2010 The open road
2011 Dirty jeans and mudslide himns
2012 Mystic pinball


Promo CD singles

1987 have a little faith in me 1 track
1988 slow turning 1 track
  paper thin 1 track
1989 drive south 1 track
1990 bring back your love to me 1 track
  child of the wild blue yonder 1 track
  the rest of the dream 2 track
1992 she runs hot 1 track
  solar sex panel 2 track
  solar sex panel 4 track
  don't go away mad 1 track
  don't go away mad 3 track
1993 perfectly good guitar 2 track
  perfectly good guitar 1 track
  angel 3 track
  buffalo river home 2 track
  buffalo river home 3 track
  something wild 1 track
  cross my fingers 3 track
1994 hiatt comes a bit alive 6 track
1995 walk on 5 track
  cry love 2 track
  cry love 4 track
  dust down a country road 1 track
1996 shredding the document 4 track
1997 little head 1 track
  pirate radio 2 track
  pirate radio 3 track
1998 don't know much about love 1 track
  have a little faith in me 1 track
2000 before i go 1 track
  lift up every stone 3 track
  let it slip away 2 track
2001 everybody went low 1 track
  my old friend 1 track
2003 beneath this gruff exterior (two track demos) 3 track
  circle back 1 track
  my baby blue 1 track
2004 the ballad of curtis loew 1 track
2005 master of disaster 2 track
2006 love's not where we thought we left it 1 track
  thunderbird 1 track
2008 love you again 1 track
  on with you 1 track
2010 The open road 1 track
2011 Damn this town 2 track
2011 Adios to California 1 track
2012 We're alright now 2 track



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